Training pounds at home

I eat vegetables instead of fatty snacks, omit sugar and alcohol, reduce carbohydrates – and yet I don’t really want to lose weight. The reason: lack of exercise.

A mix of a healthy diet and sport is essential when losing weight. Because only if you burn more calories than you consume will your pounds tumble. We’ll tell you how to lose weight effectively with sport – in the gym and at home. We’ll also show you the best YouTube workouts for your weight loss challenge. Ready? Let’s go!

Home weight loss exercise: How often do I need to exercise?

The most important thing when it comes to losing weight is that you stay on the ball in the long run. Otherwise, the mean yo-yo effect is pre-programmed. So don’t get too excited as a beginner. And even advanced users should choose a healthy amount of training units that can be easily integrated into their everyday lives.

As a beginner, it’s best to start with two 30 to 60-minute sessions a week combining endurance and strength training. Cardio sessions are especially important to strengthen your basic condition.

Advanced students can do much more: two to three times a week 30 to 45 minutes of endurance and twice a week strength training, abdominal, leg and bottom classes or yoga. Cardio and muscle training can of course also be combined. Important: You should always take a rest day between two muscle workouts.

Sports to lose weight for beginners: tips

You have the good intention to finally get rid of a few kilos and therefore want to start with a sports program? We will help you:

As a general rule, the main thing is that you move! So don’t worry too much about the sport. After all, you should have fun with it.

Cardiotraining is ideal for beginners: Those who are overweight or have joint problems start with swimming or cycling. For everyone else, jogging is a good option.

Start slowly: 30 minutes two to three days a week. As soon as you loosely hold on to the units, increase.

Work with a training plan: It reminds you of your workout and helps you to integrate it regularly into your everyday life. Such plans are provided by fitness icon Kayla Itsines. But there are also numerous other challenges that you can use to start your weight loss program.

Sports to lose weight in the gym

In the gym you have numerous possibilities to become active in sports. This is the best way to lose weight:

Losing weight in the gym with cardio machines

The most effective training session is on a treadmill – this is where you burn the most calories, around 700 per hour. The bike trainer takes second place, followed by the crosstrainer and the rowing ergometer. By the way, skipping rope jumping should not be underestimated, ranking fifth in terms of energy consumption.

Lose weight with strength training

First warm up, then lift weights – the combination of Carido and strength training is ideal for losing weight. The advantage of “pumping”: the more muscles you build up, the greater your basal metabolic rate. Thanks to the so-called afterburning effect, you still burn calories hours after training. The reason: muscles need energy – on average 110 calories per kilogram muscle mass.

Group fitness to lose weight in the studio

Equipment training – whether cardio or strength – is not fun for you? No problem: fitness studios usually also offer courses where you can lose pounds. Indoor cycling is number one in terms of energy consumption. This is followed by intensive aerobic classes, including belly, leg and bottom training and fitness trends such as Pound Fitness and Strong by Zumba.

The advantage in the gym: You have many possibilities to move – use them and try out different offers that you enjoy. This is the only way to stay motivated. The main thing is to get to your weekly sports units.

Lose weight at home with sport

The advantages of regular home workouts are obvious: unlike a fitness studio, you save cash, can train directly in the living room, don’t have to get on your bike first, and are completely flexible and undisturbed.

Whether training at home is something for you or not, you have to try it out for yourself. If you prefer to train in company, let yourself be distracted by dust fluff under the sofa or your neighbours and don’t get motivated on your own anyway, the gym might be the better choice. For everyone else, get into your sports gear, roll out your mat and go!

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